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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"What Is Fantasy?" Part 1: What Goes On The Bookstore Shelves

Fantasy, along with all genres, is an artificial construct designed for marketing. But that doesn’t mean the there is no definition of Fantasy, it just means that the definition of Fantasy as a genre is “Things people who like ‘Fantasy’ would like.” If you like this book, you’re more likely to also like the other books here. When there’s a clear enough understanding of that relationship, that’s what makes a genre. Bookstores would happily make a genre of “books with cats on the cover” if there were enough of them and they thought that all of those books would appeal to the same readers. 

So, when it comes to Fantasy, what is that understanding? What are people looking for when they’re looking for “Fantasy” stories? Because that should logically tell us the definition of Fantasy

Saturday, August 6, 2016

More Pierside Promo Stories

I added two new prequel stories for Pierside:

The Scars You Live With (1295 words) - Eleven years before the events of Pierside, there are some things Ezzy won’t talk about.

Stepping On Stage (1982 words) - A year before the events of  Pierside, Ian Rathsly tries to get a date.